RFID & Asset Tracking

Need to use RFID and Barcode technology to control your inventory, implement process and workflow control in your warehouse, extract advanced business intelligence from the data, or even a simple automated point-of-entry and point-of-exit control system for your backdoor ?

SASoft are experts with a proven track record of providing high-grade, robust, intelligent software to interface with RFID tagging and barcoded systems. We have our feet on the ground, having implemented the full solution from hardware to tight integration into legacy ERPs and CRMs in many major automotive, pharmaceutical and retail companies each handling millions of scans a day. Our skillsets have been acquired and sharpened through 15 years of at-the-coalface implementations so that RFID and Barcoding is used properly, with least interruption to existing processes, yielding the most reliable data. We navigate the pitfalls, and mitigate many failure points that other less experienced providers are prone to.

Why not engage with us to setup a POC on a small scale to demonstrate the usefulness of RFID and Barcode tracking in providing value to your supply chain, mitigating weakpoints in your asset flow and thereby sell the concept before investing fully.

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